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Drain Cleaning and Replacement 

Our Company has been offering reliable plumbing services for 20 years. Our clients in the Greater Toronto Area continue to choose us for their concerns because of the quality service we give them. Our sophisticated equipment and techniques give us an edge above the other plumbing companies in the area. This is why we have several repeat customers and new ones who keep our business going for two decades - and counting!

Today, we remain as the same trustworthy, dependable, and dedicated plumbing contractors as we were since we started in the business. But what has changed is how we evolve as a team, along with the updates in the different techniques and tools used in plumbing. We are constantly growing and developing to address more complex issues in your drain, sewer lines, and fixtures.

Drain Cleaning is An Emergency Issue

Do you observe water collecting in your sink too often? Kitchen drains are susceptible to clogging over a period of time. The water tends to go down slowly due to soaps, grease, grime, and detergents that build up on the pipe walls. When the debris remains in these areas, blockage can arise. This will make it very inconvenient for you to use the kitchen sink for your food preparation and cleaning needs. Such a major headache that you would never want to deal with!

But we spare you from the trouble of having to worry about a clogged drain. Once you notice this problem, all you have to do is to give us a call. Our plumbing contractor specialists will arrive to your home and fix this problem for you. In no time, water will run more efficiently down the drain!

Types of Drain Cleaning

We offer different types of drain cleaning services. Among these are the following:

Outdoor Drain

The downspout drain outdoors makes sure the water from your roof gutters don’t enter your home. However, several downspouts are linked to the sewer system in your city through underground pipes. During typhoons, these pipes may be blocked with debris such as leaves and twigs. Backup may arise because of the clogging issue. Plumber Scarborough can remove any blockage to make sure the outdoor drain is functioning as it should.

Utility Room and Basement

There are drains found in your laundry room, basement, and even in the driveway, garage, bathroom, and patio. It is typical that there is a trap in these drains, and the best way to prevent sewer gas and odors from surfacing is by filling the trap with water. Although it is inevitable for the floor drains to collect debris and dirt, our emergency plumber Scarborough specialist can remove all of these easily.


You have probably noticed hair and soap buildup on your shower and bathtub drain. These can cause clogging, along with grime buildup on the pipes. Moreover, toilet paper and other items thrown down the toilet may cause some blockage to the pipes over time. Just contact us to relieve these areas from a clog and facilitate the smooth flow down the drain in no time.

Contact Us

Whenever there is a problem with your drain, please give us a call to get the issue all straightened out quickly. Call us at 647-931-2228 to get your drain cleaning and replacement needs covered by our professionals.


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