Spring is a good time to check for water leaks

During the winter everything freezes. When water freezes it expands, which means that the areas holding that water might be forced beyond size limits and crack. You wouldn’t likely notice this during the winter because frozen water doesn’t move, but once the warmer weather comes along you might see some water in areas it shouldn’t be in. Here are some things to check for once spring comes along to make sure your home is in shape and remains completely leak free throughout the year.

Look for Leaks

Well this is obvious, but it’s important to take a look around your home both inside and out. Check for areas where water might be pooling. This could also include any watermarks on the ceiling or walls as that could indicate water leaking from the roof of your home.

Check Your Water Heater

While you would likely notice right away if your water heater is leaking, but what you might not notice is build up of crud in the pipes or filter. It’s important to check the efficiency of your water heater because over the winter it can build up and cause issues down the road. Right now, if there’s some small build up you can have it removed – or remove it yourself – before that backup causes a leak because the water cannot move through the filter or pipelines. If the problem is too far gone with the water heater you can call in a plumbing contractor to take care of the job for you, this will save you time and money.

Clean Out the Gutters and Drains

There might be a drain at the end of your drive way, and your home likely has gutters so it’s important to clean these out. You might have done your fall cleanup last year but that doesn’t mean every one of your neighbours did, so you might find that leaves and debris still got caught in your gutters over the winter. When the snow starts to melt, this build up will prevent the water from draining properly which means the water will have to find another way to drain – and that way could be through your house.

Check Outdoor Taps

Most homes have a hookup outside for a hose, but you need to make sure it’s still working properly. Often these taps come from the home’s water supply so if there’s a leak it could be flowing into your home. Make sure that the source of the water moving it through to the outdoor tap is still working properly.

Doing a general once over of your home is important because you might find small issues that can be fixed now instead of large issues that cause a massive amount of damage to your home. Checking for things like debris build up around the foundation of your home and removing it to make sure water isn’t building up might prevent a flood in your basement in the coming months. Checking the taps and water sources around your home is also important to make sure they’re running at peak efficiency and aren’t causing you extra money on your energy bills.

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