Bridlewood Mall

Bridlewood Mall: What’s In It For You?

Since 1975, Bridlewood Mall has been enticing shoppers with heaps of exciting sales, events, and promotions right at a single venue. Then until now, the workforce of Bridlewood Mall is dedicated to keeping visitors satisfied with their shopping experience in Scarborough.

Bridlewood Mall

The mall is deemed as the retail core of the neighborhood in Bridlewood. Right now, it holds a good mix of many startup independent businesses, along with a public library, a factory outlet, chain stores, and even grocery stores. In addition, the mall has a massive number of fast food chains. Filled with dozens of shops, a lot of popular brands can be found within including Dollarama, Shoppers Drug Mart, Metro, Price Chopper, and Stitches.

But what exactly can you do inside the mall? Here’s a good list of activities:

Do bank transactions

Okay, this may not sound fun, but banks are an essential part of our lives, especially if you own a business and you want to safeguard your hard-earned money. Some of the banks located inside the mall are RBC General Insurance Company, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, and Bank of Nova Scotia. As long as the mall is open, you can bank to your heart’s desire.

Buy electronics or household products

Ah, gadgets. Who can live without them these days? Whether you want that glossy iPhone or the latest game console, you can find them all here at the Bridlewood Mall. For mommies, it could also be a shopping haven since they sell home improvement items and furniture.

Get a trim or have a day of relaxation at the spa

Think you need a haircut anytime soon? Or are you prepping for a very important occasion? The Bridlewood Mall’s selection of spa, salon, and beauty retailers is the place to go. Shop for your favorite toiletries or beauty products, or have your nails done by professionals – there’s no better way to treat yourself after a long, busy week.

Get your health checked by the experts

Malls aren’t just for relaxation or leisure; you can also get healthcare services when you visit one of the multiple clinics located within the Bridlewood Mall. Whether it is dental, optical, or physiotherapy service that you need, the mall has it all for you.

Shop fancy jewelry and accessories

Whether there’s an upcoming special occasion or not, ladies and gentlemen need jewelry and accessories in their lives to complete their ensemble. Luckily, the Bridlewood Mall hosts select jewelry stores to choose from, including Legacy Jewellery, Orient Silk, and Silver Touch.

Dine to your heart’s content

Who doesn’t love good food? Chinese, Italian, Japanese, or American, they got everything to meet your intricate taste in food. You could also grab snacks at the Subway or McDonald’s or get your favorite blend of tea at the Kin Kin & Bakery Bubble Tea.

Other Options

The mall is also populated with three supermarkets and other valuable services such as community & social services, law and tax services, travel, library, and even shoe repair.

Find the Bridlewood Mall at 2900 Warden Ave, Scarborough, ON M1W 2S8, Canada.

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