Scarborough Bluffs

The Many Parks of the Scarborough Bluffs

Found on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Scarborough Bluffs stretch a 15-kilometer distance all throughout. Its scope goes from Toronto Eastern Beaches in the west and East Point Park in the eastern region. Ontario proudly showcases the bluffs, which resulted from the natural processes of wind and water erosion, leading to the buildup of sedimentary deposits for more than 12,000 years now.

The 15-kilometer scope of the Scarborough Bluffs is the home to a total of 11 parks to date. If you’ve been meaning to get a good view of the bluffs, here’s a list of the beautiful parks to check out.

Cathedral Bluffs Park

Address: 24 Lyme Regis Crescent, Scarborough, ON

The Cathedral Bluffs Park provides a spectacular view of Lake Ontario and the bluffs. Here, the tall eroded sandstone cliffs go over 90 meters above the Lake Ontario.

Bluffer’s Park

Address: 1 Brimley Road South, Scarborough, ON

The Bluffer’s Park was crafted to improvise public access to the bottom of the Scarborough Bluffs. Accessed via Brimley Road, it features picnic areas, a sandy beach, walks, a boat launch, lookouts, as well as visitors dockage.

East Point Park

Address: 101 Copperfield Road, Scarborough, ON

The East Point Park belongs to Toronto’s list of biggest parkland areas, with trails to explore and two-level softball center, showers, washrooms, umpire room, change-rooms, indoor lounge, and even outdoor patio.

Cudia Park

Address: 70 Meadowcliffe Drive, Scarborough, ON

The Cudia Park features hiking trails, abundant wildlife, and a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. It also allows you to see Cathedral Bluffs Park from the West area.

Grey Abbey Park

Address: 180 Greyabbey Trail, Scarborough, ON

The trail in this park will take you along the bluffs so you can enjoy the scenic views. You could also have a picnic or simply witness the beauty of the lake.

Rosetta McClain Gardens

Address: 5 Glen Everest Road, Scarborough, ON

The park features raised planters, a braille signage, rose gardens, and a rock fountain with a pergola surrounding it. It is a sanctuary not only for flower connoisseurs, but also to butterfly and bird watchers.

Guild Park and Gardens

Address: 201 Guildwood Parkway, Scarborough, ON

Guild Park and Garden is a sculptural haven with multiple beautiful gardens. People love its rich history, which reflects famous artists, famous political figures and art community contributions of popular artists.

Scarboro Crescent Park

Address: 61 Undercliff Drive, Scarborough, ON

The Scarboro Crescent Park provides dramatic views of the Lake Ontario and sunrises, sunsets, the moon as well as shooting stars.

South Marine Drive Park

Address: 5 Rogate Place, Scarborough, ON

If you’re looking for a natural wooded spot in the Scarborough Bluffs, the South Marine Drive Park is the place to go. However, it has no amenities or lookouts to use.

Scarborough Heights Park

Address: 27 Fishleigh Drive, Scarborough, ON

The park provides a huge, fenced, area for dogs to freely run in, which is very close to the gas station located in Fishleigh Drive.

Sylvan Park

Address: 55 Sylvan Avenue, Scarborough, ON

Sylvan Park gives people a small area of benches and beautiful grass pastures so they can revel at the view of Lake Ontario while in the park. It also has the Doris McCarthy Trail, a pedestrian trail to the lake.

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