Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo: A Premier Attraction for Adults and Kids Alike

Looking for somewhere exciting to visit with your family this weekend? Why not take them for a wildlife encounter at the zoo? If you’re in Toronto, Toronto Zoo is a good spot to do family bonding, while letting your kids learn about various species of animals at the same time. 

It is currently Canada’s leading destination for families, especially children. What’s more, it is open for public admission daily, except Christmas Day. Every year, Toronto Zoo welcomes about 1.3 million visitors and attracts approximately 1,000-10,000 visitors per day.

Zoo Features

Aside from animal watching, there are tons of activities that you and your kids can try at the Toronto Zoo. Here’s a list of zoo features you might want to check out:

  • Walking trails – The zoo holds more than 10 km of walking trails that you can explore with the kids as you get a good view of different breeds of animals.
  • Discovery Zone – The Discovery Zone features the Kids Zoo, Splash Island, a lively, interactive children’s wildlife adventure, a Waterside Theatre, and a thrilling two-acre water play area.
  • Gift Shops – Located inside the zoo are a total of 7 gift shops and kiosks, where you can buy exciting stuff from as you go.
  • Layouts and Exhibits – Toronto Zoo is separated into seven zoogeographic areas: the Americas, Africa, Indo-Malaya, Eurasia, Australasia, the Tundra Trek, and the Canadian Domain. Wildlife creatures are up for viewing indoors through the tropical pavilions and outdoors in manmade nature-inspired environments, offering views of any levels.
  • Rides – Choose from the zoo’s four sweet rides — Zoomobile, Gorilla Climb Ropes, Tundra Air ride and the Conservation Carousel.
  • Wildlife Health Centre – Pay a visit in this area to see the work the staff does behind the scenes in the zoo’s animal hospital.
  • African Rainforest Pavilion – This area displays one of the biggest reptiles in the world, with a body that measures up to 5 feet long and weight that goes beyond 400 pounds – the Aldabra tortoises.
  • African Savanna – Check this out if you’d like to see hippos, rhinos, white lions, giraffes, and more!
  • Great Barrier Reef – The reef acts as a home to more than 100 species of fish, which spreads all throughout the zoo. Located in the Australasia pavilion, you’d see seahorses, moon jellies, and more when you get the chance to walk by it.
  • Guest Services – Here, you can also rent strollers, lockers, and wagons, available at the Main Entrance. If you need wheelchairs, you’d be delighted to know they are free. There are also ATMs when you go along the Main Entrance.

You don’t really need to bring much when you visit the Toronto Zoo. Just bring yourself, your family, or your water bottles, and you’re good to go. As you can tell, they offer pretty much! Really, it’s like going on a field trip with the whole family on board!

Find the zoo at 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto, Ontario M1B 5K7, Canada.

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